Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Fine Details

Dear Lene,

I managed to get started, at least a little, yesterday. Really taking out the antique quilt and examining it, rather than just quick overview pictures, gave me a sense of how incredibly talented the maker was.

To start out, I put a giant piece of vinyl over one of the blocks, to trace the appliqué pattern. Each block measures 86cm/34", so it really is on the large side, even for these four-block appliqué quilts.

The vine-berry-leaf pattern at the left is actually a tracing of the quilting pattern on that portion of the quilt. It was so stunning, when I looked at it closely, that I thought I'd take the opportunity to highlight it. And also for later reference. (You know, just in case I'm crazy enough to try to replicate the quilting too.)

What really struck me as I slowly traced the shapes of the pieces was the fine stitching. (Ahem, that's our blog title, more or less, isn't it?) All of the appliqué is done with white thread, no matter the color of the fabric.

That's a little section of the border. I'm 99.9% sure that the fabric was originally green.

After I took that first picture, I realized that the scale of it might not be really obvious, so I took another one (from one of the tulips) that included a ruler for scale. You can see how tiny those white stitches are pretty clearly on the red fabric.

And, as I mentioned the quilting earlier, I also took a close-up picture of that.

Again, incredibly fine work. I guess this is what inspires me about the old quilts. Anything with this much attention to detail had to have been made thoughtfully and carefully. There was obviously no rushing or a need to have a blanket on the bed to keep warm.

Ok, I think I've mused enough about the past for today. I'm starting on putting the pattern on paper, making templates, and hopefully will have something ready to be worked on fabric soon. (Enough with all this vinyl and drawing - I'd like to work with a needle and thread!)



pacalaga said...

Oh no, you're doing it again. I don't have TIME for both quilting AND knitting! SOB.

Judy H. said...

This is a gorgeous quilt! I cannot wait to see both of your projects develop.

Misty The Kneedler said...

I'm not a quilter but I really enjoy looking at them and hearing about the thought process behind making one. I'm looking forward to seeing what you two come up with.

Liz Cadorette said...

Oh, Cassie -- I came over from your knitting blog because I, too, have a love for quilting as well as knitting, spinning, and really anything at all related to needle arts.

When I saw the picture of your antique quilt, I literally gasped. It's absolutely exquisite, and I can't WAIT to see your reproduction!

I am setting a goal for myself of getting my bridal quilt that my mother appliqued for me at least onto the frame, and the quilting planned out, this year. I can't wait to see what you and your friend across the ocean do!

Kathie said...

LUCKY YOU to be able to trace this quilt pattern and reproduce it
It is just beautiful
thank you for the close up pictures.
Yes I agree the brown was once green and the quilting on this quilt is amazing...oh I would be tempted to reproduce that too!

am so looking forward to watching your progress

Juno said...

You know, until I met you I never gave quilts a second look, never saw the art, never appreciated the stitches.