Monday, 12 May 2008

Of colours

Dear Cassie,

Another spring week just dawned today with almost freezing temperatures! The snow that came yesterday is all gone but there still are some old piles. The lake is partly free, but she looks cold and the wind stays in the north. But the sound of the waves is here! Thank you for the sun rays that came this way last Saturday, they were very much appreciated. I enjoyed them tremendously during the day and then by the night, I packaged them carefully (I kept only one) and sent them back to you. I am sure they are all there by now.

Since it was snowing all day yesterday, I stayed in and played with the fabrics and stitches and scissors and needles and tape measures and templates.

One reason I love quilting is the fact that I can pick any colour to work with without having to worry whether or not that particular colour will look good against my skin… or against anybody’s skin. I am free to shop fabrics following my mood and desires. The available amount of fabrics and colours can be a bit overwhelming and sometimes it is difficult to find the right choices. Before I started quilting I never liked yellow! Really it is true, I always thought that yellow was pushy and noisy and it was almost impossible to find any kind of yellow that would be even tolerable.
But since I started to see colours and fabrics from a quilter’s perspective and not from a dress maker’s I fell in love with yellow and many other colours too that hadn’t really been there for me at all.

I am a blue-wearing-person, blue spiced with browns and tiny bit of orange. But I love red - sadly it does not look good on me, at least not the kind of red that I love. So to solve the problem with red, many of my handbags and bags are red, I have a huge beautiful red umbrella and just recently a beautiful little red car too. (Car is necessary for me, I would use public transportation if that was easier, but sadly, at the moment it is not.) And dreams of red quilts; quilts of red and beige, of red and pure clean white, of red and green.

When quilting - no restrictions for me in any way. Always in spring, after the long and dark winter, my heart just aches for sun and yellow. Yellow is bright, it stands for joy and happiness. My yellow season ends by the end of June when these bloom by the lake. Not now, now picture ice and grey blue freezing water, no green, no yellow, except in my quilt.

When I drew the flower and took out the yellow fabrics I knew that I should find a spot where I could add a little bit of the contrasting colour, so I added the little specs to the flower centre. I am not sure how these little specs will look like in the end, what colours exactly are needed there, but there is my option for adding anything necessary and most likely it is going to be purple in some shade. The leaves are green, again I think there should be a spot for just a little bit of red too as a contrast to green, so, I have one fat quarter of this red among the greens. Last night I had a dream that Yellow Flowers was all quilted and I was wondering if the binding should be bright red… Too bad, I can’t remember how it was quilted.

I know, I should not jump ahead, but I am thinking about the quilting already. You told me to wait and let the quilt tell me in the end how she wants to be quilted… Are you sure about this? Are you sure my quilt will talk and tell? I just sincerely wish that she has a good sense and knows what things should be said out loud and what should remain between the two of us… Because I have poked through my finger a couple of times with the needle size sharp 12 and she already knows how I feel about freezer paper and dull needles.
No, I did not try those! Those needles are there because they were used for seaming knits and darning in ends. I should go and make a little pin cushion solely for appliqué and quilting needles.
Next time I will show some process pictures and hopefully by then my stitches have become small enough and my finger tips have grown a thick skin.
In search for tiny stitches,

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manic knitter said...

Hi Lene, in the US we have a product that is a tiny circle you can stick on the end of your finger that is under the applique to help stop the sticks. I think they carry them at my local quilt shop and I will try to think to check the next time I visit there. I can't remember the name so I'm having a difficult time googling for them to show you a picture.