Monday, 5 May 2008

Yellow Flowers

Dear Cassie,

I was thrilled to see our very first post up there!!!

It has been snowing (yes!) big dish rags and the wind has been blowing hard from the north, but the weather has not managed to bring my mood down at all. I have been washing and ironing fabrics and drawing the templates in big size.

I will draw the quilt in size 1:3 one of these days! So far I am calling it Yellow Flowers, I know I know, I should have thought of something more interesting to call my very first four-block quilt. I will try to keep this quilt simple and bold and this will be my very first with hand quilting. Your Tulips will be just beautiful.

Is it only two weeks we have been planning this? Is it only two weeks ago when my mail box started to fill with more and more amazing hand quilted quilt pictures after I mentioned to you wanting to try appliqué one day. Of the pictures you sent always the next one was more beautiful than the previous one and then you wrote: “Maybe this will provide some inspiration. ;-)”

So here we are, with lots of plans for the future, quilting together with Fine Stitches. I am glad. I know, we Finns, use sparsely the word love, but here it is very appropriate, because I do love this project of ours.

Here’s to Fine Stitches!



PS. Do you think we are ready to go to public or should we let this simmer a bit yet??


valentina said...

here's to fine stitches! (i still need to read anything, but if for a change i can be first in something ...)

Anonymous said...

what a great beginning! looking forward to this journey!


suzanne said...

I'm thrilled at seeing the new blog!! What a vivid and gorgeous antique quilt. Is Lene's quilt a repro or a 4 block applique of her own design (beautiful, too)? Cheers for a long, engaging and successful run!

Marianne said...

This is going to be fabulous, fine stitches...

mome-rath said...

Your timing is perfect. I'm working on a large, ongoing art project involving women, words, and different textile media. Next on the list for me: an ambitious appliqué quilt with lots of fiddly appliqued typography. Considering that I've never quilted before, Fine Stitches is the perfect inspiration for me. Thank you for starting this blog—I'm so looking forward to your thoughts, ideas, and exchanges!

fiberjoy said...

Oh my, a wonderful new blog to look forward to.

A dear friend just gifted me with a queen sized quilt she made using fabric I'd been collecting for years thinking someday I'd like to make a quilt. I love looking at the tiny neat stitches put there by her hand. I am blessed.

Daybreak*Dawning said...

Beautiful projects ladies, nice to see your work again Cassie, Sharyn in Kalama

Kathie said...

Wow I can't wait to see your quilt too
I LOVE 4 block quilts.