Saturday, 7 June 2008

beautiful saturday morning

Dear Cassie,

This is how my work space looks at the moment. Outside the picture are piles of fabrics that I have been auditioning for the border. I am not sure if I have a solution yet, but I am thinking of something that I don’t want to show yet. If I go with this fabric I have on mind, it is somehow going to change the feel of my quilt completely… And a quick sketch for the border design. I am thinking of adding few more big flowers on the border and I talked to one of my girls yesterday, N, and she thinks that I should only add these flowers and do nothing about the empty spaces between the flowers. I sort of agree with her at the moment. But one more block to go before I absolutely need to decide.

I tried to find some small quilts that I have done over the years. They don’t really have any fine stitches on them, they are all machine pieced and machine quilted so I am not sure if this is the forum for them… here thrown between your antique pieces, they seem a bit out of place…

The first one is appliqué, it was just cut and sew, and I made it for the amusement of my girls. They loved Moomin stories when they were small.
This is from a book, Prairie People (by Marji Hadley and J. Dianne Ridgley). I also made a doll from the book but I’ll have to find it. It was in a time when I used to sew lots of dresses for my girls and they all had beautiful Little House on the Prairie bonnets, which really were the best kind of hats.

I love teddy bears. I have done few repros of antique bears and thus was inspired to make quilts with them. I did not like this little quilt even when I had just made it, but I’ll show it because it led to something that I really like, even today. So this came first…
And then this. It is quite big and was made at the time when the girls were learning to read. The timing was perfect!

Please bring on the baby/doll quilts, because I bought this crib some time ago. It is an old one and it needs a quilt. When I brought it home, I was a bit embarrassed to have spent money on something that we really did not need. I called my husband on the way and prepared him on the purchase. I said that I have bought something and stressed that I really don’t want to hear his opinion of it if it is not a favourable one. (I had to remind him of some of his purchases to have emphasis on my case.) I carried it inside, he looked at it and then he said: “But what if there are twins again?”

Guess what, ever since I have been on the lookout for another beautiful crib! Which then again means that there has to be two quilts.



PS. I really need to work on the photography on the quilts. I realize that this is all very different from taking pictures of knits.

Or from the scenery. It is a beginning of a lovely day over here at the Arctic Circle. Wonder what the weather is like there when you wake up...


Marianne said...

Looking forward to seeing what you're considering for the border... I like seeing the flowers added to it.
Your other little quilts are lovely, and I do especially like that second little bear quilt.
The cradle/crib is SO pretty, and I had to smile at your husband's response :^)
I always enjoy the glimpses of your home, the walls, flooring, the windows with their views, beyond lovely.

Anonymous said...

I can see some definite similarities between the 2nd bear quilt and your plans for the border. You seem to like breaking up those strong border lines. Good instinct. I can't wait to see how it plays out in this instance.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful Moomin quilt!

Astrid @ Moominmama's Memoirs

Patti said...

Hi Lene, I don't know whether or not both of you get all the comments from each other's posts, so just in case you don't I'm going to leave two comments. I found your delightful blog through my friend Kathie Holland in New Jersey. I've just finished reading from the beginning. What a wonderful idea - doing the two projects and writing to each other via this blog. It's a great way for you two to communicate and even better for the rest of us who can share the adventure with you when we visit here. Both of you do extraordinary work. The quilts are going to be spectacular when they are finished!

I will second the suggestion that you use the freezer paper for transferring the design only, removing it before you start sewing. I know Kathie sent you pictures of the process. I do as she does, except I use a permanent fine tip black marker to trace around all my pieces except for the darkest. You will find you can see your stitching so much better without the freezer paper in the way.

I'm eagerly looking forward to reading more delightful posts from the two of you!

elizabeth said...

Oh Lene, I'm so jealous! I always wanted a Little House on the Prairie bonnet! How sweet that you made them for your girls!