Sunday, 20 July 2008

Almost too bright

Dear Cassie,

Oh, it has been a while since I wrote. First I left to the bookbinding course to the south of Finland and while I was away you were knitting for your trip to Iceland – you lucky one! I know your trip is coming close and you need to prepare your thoughts to be able to enjoy the woolly island the most.
I don’t quite know how you do this to me, but since you picked up the knitting needles, me, the copycat followed right behind you and started knitting again – a lot. Then you talked a bit about spinning and here I am finding myself obsessed with spinning lace weight… I am not blaming you, actually I am having the time of my life with all the crafts, but this is more or less how it went. Once again, you lead the way, I follow behind ;-).

I have put few stitches on the Piney Quilt but none on the Yellow Flowers. I had two Piney blocks prepared and I thought that I would start sewing them but then I realized that I had cut the stems the wrong way. And sometimes the smallest things can grow to be huge obstacles. I am thinking of cutting the pieces to the flowers so that I can start sewing them together and the same time I can sort out my red fabrics. Again, I had no idea I had so many.

I was organizing my photographs the other day and I came across some bright pillows I made a long time ago. There is no better time to upload them than now, in the middle of the summer when even up here the scenery is filled with different bright colours and there are plenty of birds.

Maybe you should go and get your sunglasses…!




Marianne said...

Lene, what a treat. Your bright quilted pillows, incredibly cheerful, downright happy, love them both.
Ahh, but the little birds have flown off with my heart :^)

Anonymous said...

Oh, Lene! I love your birds. They make my heart sing.

Anonymous said...

Those are gorgeous. But we love our bright colours in this house.

Lynn said...

Those birds are so quirky and delightful! And I do so love a well-executed monochromatic color scheme. Nice work on both sides of both pillows!

Bullwinkle said...

Lene, those are such happy pillows; I'm in love with them. Normally, I loath sunglasses in the house but those are so cheery, I'd make an exception. ... why, I'll even delurk to say so!

Sallie said...

Beautiful pillows! I love them.

anne from finland said...

I love those cushions with birds!!! They give sunshine wherever you put them!

Heidi said...

What happy pillows! They sure made me smile!

Heidi said...

Oh, and I've decided to nominate you and Cassie for the Brilliante Award. Your work is wonderful! For details:

cheers, from hot and muggy Holland,