Thursday, 3 July 2008

bindings and such

Dear Lene,

I know it's been a while since I wrote - I'm afraid that your being gone for a week has made it hard for me to write anything here. It almost feels like I'm talking to myself (although of course I realize that the blog isn't private and that there are other people reading it).

Right before you went away, you said in an email to me, "Don't worry about the blog nor sewing. Take a break from quilting if you feel like it and spin and knit and relax that way." -- I'm afraid I really took your words to heart. I've spent the last four days maniacally knitting a sweater. A silly sweater (lace) that will be fairly useless for warmth in Iceland, even in August.

But I promised some finished things. Unfortunately, I only have one so far, but I'm working towards a goal of finishing up some old projects as well as working on the tulip appliqué project.

I put bindings on two quilts - the first isn't quite finished yet. It's a quilt I made a few years ago, and the fabrics were so busy I decided to have it simply machine quilted by my friend Bonnie at Quiltville.It's just a simple double four-patch quilt, in two fabrics.

I didn't have enough of the blue left over for the binding, so I chose a solid red. Unfortunately, it's really too hot here right now to work on the binding - it's a twin sized quilt and I'm afraid that our summer weather is making it impossible for me to even think about having it on my lap to finish up the handwork for the binding.

However, I did finish one very small quilt. This was a class sample for an "Amish" color and design workshop I used to teach. Somehow, it got completely finished (with the exception of the binding) and sat around with raw edges for a few years.

I really love this quilt. It's made in Cherrywood hand dyed fabrics, with some from other companies as well. Now that it's completely done, I have no idea why I didn't put the binding on sooner - it only took me part of one morning.

Here's a detail shot of the hand quilting.

I wish there were piles of other projects just lying around that only needed binding. I'm afraid that all of the others are unfinished hand quilting projects, for the most part. I'm very tempted right now to work on a few of them, but I think appliqué is probably the most suitable for the summer heat.

I'm looking forward to your return, and hoping that you are having wonderful time while you're away.



Bonnie said...

I love the undulating waves of quilting across this quilt. You have the greatest ideas for enhancing simple patchworkthat just brings it to life...


Marianne said...

Those are both really beautiful!

Jessica said...

the hand quilting on your "Amish" color quilt is superb. thank you for the inspiration.
I also feel that a lot of the time blogging feels like I'm talking to myself, and then i feel silly when i start talking to "you" and the "people" out there. THank god for comments so we know we're not all crazy and alone.
I truly enjoy your back and forth blogging/letters with Lene. Such a wonderful and friendly idea.

DebbieB said...

The 'Amish' color quilt is achingly beautiful. Such a peaceful blend of color and stitch.

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Wow that hand quilting is fabulous!! Amazing. Love both quilts.

Anonymous said...

I really like most of the quilts and quilt pieces that you and Lene post here, but today's small quilt [er, Monday's] is exceptional.

a simple quilter said...

I have just finished piecing an Amish bars kit from Cherrywood...thanks for sharing the beautiful photo of your hand has motivated me to move forward with the marking so that I can start working on the quilting.

Have a wonderful day!

Jennifer said...

The hand quilting is stunning! So glad that I found your blog today. I am enjoying catching up with all of your posts.