Monday, 1 December 2008

My December is red

Dear Cassie,

It is December already. The summer with yellow blooms is long gone and winter with frosty flowers is upon us, the day breaks with blue moments and before long it is again blue and even though it is dark and one feels like bed time, it is only four in the afternoon. The day is less than four hours long, it sounds bad, but this season has its best to offer too; the moonlight on white snow or the flames of northern lights in freezing nights, soft candle light in dark rooms and the glow of fire, the feel of a warm cup in cold hands with lovely scented glögg with raisins and almond chips. Very romantic… at times… luckily with a click of a button I can change the scenery, hit the sharpest beam of the lamp at my hands and craft away.

I am not sure what got hold of me last Friday and steered my little wagon on the road towards my local fabric store (is there a shortening for that like LYS in the knitting world?). There I was pulled to Christmas fabrics and table cloths and before long I was happily loading my car with a bag filled with new fabrics, for napkins and some other Christmas-sy items. Linen cloth I find very, extremely difficult, to resist and thus most of the bag was full of that. Beautiful red and natural beige linen and a heart full of fabric dreams and a head full of determination.

To my own astonishment I did take the sewing machine from long hibernation and we were instantly connected and singing together Christmas carols. This is what my weekend was made of.

This cotton is very sturdy and feels good and was sheer pleasure to work with. I made ten napkins of it for Christmas Eve rice pudding breakfast and finished few stars to decorate the table. These stars will have names embroidered to the back side and will mark the places at the table.

I washed and ironed and pressed and sewed and ended up having perfect mitered corners. I sewed the little stars of linen,used fray check on the reverse side when turning them right side out and filled with polyester and hand sewed them closed. Appliquéd stars and added tiny beads (they are so small that they are almost impossible to see) and some embroidery.

Used some of the leftovers for these ribbons.I can’t get enough of red at this time of the year. I know some people prefer white Christmas, or blue, or some pick different theme and colour for every year, but my December so far has always been red. And usually by January first, all the red is packed away until next December. I wonder if this will ever change? There is no need to, right now red is good.

Wishing you lots of red stitches this season,


PS. Will not talk about Yellow Flowers with you now. Will talk about them later.