Sunday, 22 March 2009

Piney again

Dear Cassie,

Now I do have to admit that the quilting bug has really bitten me hard and there is no turning back at the moment. It must be the anticipation of spring and the amount of light and all this whiteness around that makes me so thirsty for colors. There is nothing but snow all around yet and this longing of colors and flowers has forced me to make a few of my own.

Remember Piney?

I made one block last summer before the yarns took over my life but I never could push this solitary flower out of my mind. The block has lived on my desk in a plastic bag where it was easy to spot and I never had the heart to hide it into a closet. Her jump onto my lap was a short one and since I zipped the bag open, I have not been able to put it down.

I have cut all the pieces for the flowers (except for the centers) and have already hand pieced more than 50 flowers. I am going to need 64 if I manage to carry on that far.

Talking of color --- I keep going back to look at this colorful beauty over and over again. I have not yet made any efforts towards it but there is a part of me that would love to be surrounded with this brightness.

And this is the book that I must have a glimpse of quite frequently. To my delight very talented Janet from Quiltsalot is making a quilt that is very similar to the cover quilt. How's that for an inspiration?




pacalaga said...

I do love that block. It will make such a pretty and cozy quilt, or a whole lot of cute flower blocks to hide about the house. :-)

Aline la Bergère said...

Lovely flowers! Glad to hear from you. Axx

JoVE said...

Lovely flowers. It'll be a lovely quilt.

Since you, too, live in a place where March is the end of winter rather than the beginning of spring, I thought you might enjoy this post from Sarah in Manitoba (Canada)

Anonymous said...

Hello Lene! I like your piney blocks. I have been bitten by the quilt bug, too, and am happily making some sawtooth stars. I checked Lone Stars out from our University library and have thoroughly enjoyed reading about each quiltmaker. Hugs from Kentucky! kelley

Janet said...

Thank you for the kind words, I love the flower blocks, so pretty. Thank you for showing the book, I've had to order it now! I'm doing the colourful quilt you mentioned but the borders take awhile.