Sunday, 5 April 2009

A Building Project

Dear Cassie,

I wish I could see your quilts in person, not just as pictures on the screen, because I know there is much more to feel there than meet the eye here. Your tiny even stitches amaze me every time I get a glimpse of them!

As much as I have enjoyed the quiet and slow needle turn applique with the Piney quilt blocks (6 of them completed so far), I have set up my trusty sewing machine on my desk. Well, to be honest here, I have set it up in my daughter's room, while she is away.
I was sorting out fabrics in my own room, after which there is such a mess that I can't stand to stay in there.

Anyway, I realized that I have few pieces of fabric living on the shelves of my cabinets (now on every possible surface), that need to be dealt with. They need to be sewn into quilts or be got rid off some other way.
There are few that I cherished so much when I bought them that I did not dare to use them and now they don't seem to fit my mood any more. Today I hope to be wiser. (Also with yarn.)

Here, meet my companion, my Bernina.
She is old but she has the most beautiful straight stitch and I value her for that. She is is easy to open up to clean of dust and to oil frequently. I did not remember that I had made some little add-on's to her. To make things simple and easy and to start some kind of de-stashing, I cut few strips and started building a new log cabin. I might be doing these the hard way but I open up the seams - almost always. I think, I am not sure, but I think that when the seams are open, the block will behave in a balanced manner. I trim and iron the block every time after a new log has been added. It takes time but it also gives more of it to ponder about the next selection of fabric.

My good quilting book library is not that big, but I have few treasures there. I bought this huge book long time ago from a book sale (ISBN 3-89508-224-5). The text in it is in English, French and German. It has big good pictures of mostly old quilts and I have many favourites in it. It is hard to name the best one, but it could be this... or then this... then again maybe it is this... I realize that your Sunday is much younger than mine and I want to squeeze few sewing hours into mine yet, so be well until next time,