Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Merry Christmas!

Dear Cassie,

If I were able to get a glimpse at your life right this moment, I wonder what I would see... If I would spot you queuing in the grocery store or find you making preparations for
Christmas dinner or wrapping presents or maybe quietly sipping your tea feeling peaceful with the thought that everything is taken care of.

I just got home from shopping for the last bits in town and no matter how calm I find myself some commercial hysteria grabs me in the midst of the blinking lights and glittering stars and glazing decorations, not to talk about the long queues. I don't like driving at this time of the year, all the roads are full plus the driving conditions are quite bad right now. The temperature is way below freezing and there is new snow and this powder snow flies all around making the visibility poor at times, especially poor when it is dark. It is such a relief to finally turn to the quiet home way.

I have not been making Christmas presents this year but I have not had idle hands either. I think I have only knitted one scarf but I did manage to find a good balance between quilting and knitting this past month and have enjoyed the variety of projects.

Some time ago I saw this beautiful Civil War Bride Quilt
and immediately loved it. I don't remember where I saw it first but followed the link that brought to me to the blog that is dedicated to this quilt. And from there I found the site that sells this pattern.

Last week I received my copy and I could not resist but had to start right away. The blocks are not square and it bothered me a bit and I decided to draw it and spread the motifs to fill a square. I redrew the block but kept changing little bits here and there and in the end my block had changed a lot from the original.
I did the appliqué on my block and even though I like it, I am wondering if I should start from the beginning again and be true to the original. I think I will do the next block by re-drawing it also and then I will decide what to do. The original quilt has its own language or spirit and that is what I love about it.

I am looking forward for the holidays, for hours of quilting and knitting, listening to Christmas carols, watching old films on TV and eating chocolate and drinking hot glögg. (With occasional breaks for snow shovelling, the forecast for us is more snow.)
I wish You Merry Christmas, be well, enjoy your holidays, and when appropriate, thread the tiny needle and sew away few moments.


PS. I don't like red apples, I just had to make the apples yellow.


Stephanie said...

Lene, love your rendition of the reproduction. The colors are great and like to flower pot added. Love the little elves. Thanks and Merry Christmas, Stephanie

elizabeth said...

It's beautiful, Lene! I too wonder what's going on in Cassie's world, perhaps your post will encourage her to reply. :o) Happy holidays to you both!

Britt said...

Lovely block - I hope you continue with your version. It too has loads of charm.

Marianne said...

The golden yellow apples are Lovely.
As are your bitty Elves.
Dear Cassie and Lene, wishing you and yours the Best Merry and Bright.

(PS...Lene, take great care on those roads, I know you do.. it's the 'mother' in me that needs to write that :^)

beadlizard said...

The original quilter would have loved your version. It's like handwriting -- the beauty of the poem is glorious in either hand.

Lizzie said...

Hi Lene, not sure how I found your blog, but find it I did and of course 'the bride' jumped out at me. I love your version of this gorgeous quilt, each one of us stitching our own personal story into the quilt. I would just like to extend an invitation to you to come join us on the blog. I can speak for everyone when I say we love new members and we love to see what everyone else is doing. I would guess that we have at least two/three new members each month. We would all love to see how you are going. You can find my email on the CWBQ blog. Have a great week.

Anonymous said...

Hello Lene! I love your version of this block - especially the yellow apples! Hope you are having fun with this beautiful quilt. Blessings to you from Kentucky! kelley

Knitting Granny said...

Thanks to your email re/a comment I made on your knitting blog I found you here! I am now wondering what happened with the Bride quilt - did you keep re-formatting the blocks? I love what you did on the first block - especially the yellow apples! Please update soon. I so appreciate your creativity. I am one of those unfortunate ones who has trouble thinking outside the box.