Thursday, 3 June 2010

Green new world

Hmm... Green Challenge.
A pin cushion? I love pin cushions. And I would really need one for quilting needles. Quilting needles are so small that they get buried into larger cushions, and always the one that feels best in the hands has disappeared into the depths. It really is a mystery to me how one needle can feel just a tiny bit different from the rest of the same batch of needles.
A doll quilt? Miniatures are just charming and they transfer me into enchanting, happy childhood memories, either my own or my girls'.
A pot holder? Sometimes just a little bit of something new in the kitchen may spark up serious cabinet cleaning, or will bring that warm and cozy atmosphere for a cup of coffee in the early morning, or will be a nice farewell for the night while having the last cup of tea before retiring to bed.
Little summery bag? It could be just what I need when queuing in the line before cashier in the Friday afternoon with a bunch of other shoppers.
A sewing caddy? It would be very good to have one dedicated to quilting and one dedicated to appliqué and one dedicated to piecing with appropriate scissors, thimbles, needles and threads at hand at all times.
While I think about the challenge and gather my green fabrics, I will give you few postcards from here...

I was out in the woods earlier this week and took few pictures for you of the landscape. This area is close to us and it is well kept outdoor area with few different paths to hike. And there is green all over. If I was able to fly following this bearing over this country and across the big water, I would eventually land somewhere close to you...
I took a little trip down south last week and visited my two girls. They live in very different places, one in a small rural town and one in Helsinki. I travelled by train from this small town to Helsinki and this is how the railway station looked the morning I took the train. For a while I was alone on the platform but later one, one other person came and two of us hopped onto the train.
I love Helsinki, whenever I get a chance I gladly go there. I was in Helsinki for just one full day and so I did not have time to see much, I more or less just walked around the city and enjoyed people watching. It was a rainy day, dark clouds hanging low so it was not good for pictures, but I did take one or two of downtown.
One of my must-go-places is the Academic Bookstore right in the city and that particular day it was packed with people. John Irwing was there to talk about his newest book. I bought couple of quilting magazines and sat in the cafeteria reading and drinking coffee.

While away the landscape had totally changed back home and the yard is screaming for attention, cleaning and raking after the winter. Yesterday I was out in town and bought few rose bushes that will need to go to the ground today. I also bought peonies, I know I am pushing my luck, it probably is too cold to be successful with them up here, but I will try to find a warm spot for them today, a place where northerly winds cannot get to them and a place that gets plenty of sun.

The summer is just beginning, and while some of the trees have fully recovered and are celebrating the new summer with full sized leaves already, some are just slowly recovering and showing tiny beginnings. Yes, definitely, if ever there was a time for a green challenge, it is now.



PS. I took out the Yellow Flowers the other day and played with paper cuts (green paper). I look forward to the day when I can get back to that quilt again.


Victoria Findlay Wolfe said...

lovely pictures.. feels like I just went on vacation...:-)
the paper cuts look vvvveerrryyy interesting!

Una said...

Oh, how I love that you publish your correspondence!! Let there be more - no pressure, just pure appreciation:) Your challenging each other in green sounds very interesting! The applique is beautiful. Una in Norway

Marianne said...

Such a delightful post! Love all the photos and I'm especially smitten with your potholders.
The train depot and the thought of riding a train had me smiling.
I love John Irving's books. What a treat to see and listen to him, eh?

Susan said...

Thank you, Lene, for the visual candy and your stories. Your blog is such a treat.

Luísa Silva said...

thanks lene for so many beautiful green tiny things. They inspired me as well.

beadlizard said...

That's why peonies are traditionally planted right up against the south side of a house. Ours in the mountains of northern Utah thrived and were a delight. It's worth a try!

The textiles make me hum. I wish I could touch them and see your stitches up close in person, but your photos are so good it's almost real. Fun also to see your world. Very different from where I live now in Silicon Valley.

Vicki said...

Lovely surprise to see your posts!

Anonymous said...

I love this blog. Please continue to communicate with us.

Anonymous said...

Lene, Yes, I have to totally agree, much to my family's dismay, I too own several caddies complete with every tool needed to work on my various quilting projects. Lovely pictures! I would love to see your yellow flowers, they do look scrumptious. Who is the designer? Love the travel pics, we were almost with you.

Blissfully Stitching,

fialka012 said...


Anonymous said...

Dear Lene and Cassie,

Is everyone alright? Love your friendly chatter and gorgeous work.
Delia from RB

antique quilter said...

I have often wondered if you ever finished this quilt and did she finish hers as well